3 Tips for Trade Show Booth Designs That Make a Lasting Impression


For any small business owner, getting yourself in front of potential clients and partners and making yourself known within your chosen industry has to be a priority. When your competition has had years in the game and a better chance to build a professional reputation, this is challenging to say the least. But one area where you can compete on a level playing field is at trade shows. At trade shows, every business has their own booth, and they compete for the attention of the attendees based solely on the strength of booth design, how personable they are in the booth, and how lasting their impression is.

If you are new to trade shows, you are bound to feel a little intimidated, but you can make the best impression if you just pay a little attention to your booth design. Here are a few tips.

Choose your printer wisely. You are likely to have many printed materials inside a trade booth. For example, you will probably have a large printed sign with your company logo, printed business cards to distribute, and other printed promotional materials, such as leaflets and information packs. To make the best first impression, you should have a printer that can print in full colour and in high definition. You could also look into hiring a professional printing service that can print on different materials, such as glossy vinyl and cotton for t-shirts. If you choose to hire out the printing, keeping all of your colour printing with one printing company will cut your costs and will be more efficient. Before you decide on one printer, shop around a little and compare local printers for both quality and service.

Lighting is key. Lighting is often a last minute consideration for trade booths, but it shouldn't be. General ambient lighting will be provided by the venue, but you should also invest in task lighting and spot lighting to make your booth more dynamic. You could, for example, place a spotlight on your company logo to draw attention to your company's branding, and you could place task lighting in areas where a person has to sign up for your company newsletter or other items so they can do so more easily.

Make your booth interactive. A good business is a business that encourages two-way conversation and interaction, so your booth should have this feature too. You could do this by offering product demos inside your booth, by allowing people to try your product for themselves, or perhaps by offering an interactive social media experience, like a branded photobooth that links up to your Instagram feed. 


14 April 2016

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