Important Questions to Ask Any Digital Label Printer


When you manufacture or resell any product, you will probably need a large volume of labels. This might include a UPC symbol, warning labels, shipping labels, and the like. Sending these labels out to a printer to have them done can be a good choice, but you need to ensure you choose a high-quality printer who will do the job right. To ensure you're choosing the right digital label provider and get the job done properly, note a few questions to ask before you send your job over to them.

1. Ask if they provide eco-friendly labels

It's good for any company to think about how their choices for printing any material affect the environment, and labels are made of paper that requires cutting down trees for their manufacture. The adhesives used on labels need to be strong, but these too can be damaging to the environment if they should release toxins when they break down. Recycled labels are a good option, and organic materials used for adhesives can mean a more eco-friendly choice, and you might want to ask about these options when you decide on a label printing provider for your company.

2. Ask about the unwind direction

You may not think about how labels are rolled once they're printed, but note if you have an automatic feeder or other machine the requires your labels to unwind in one direction or another. You also want to check on the production line of your facility; will boxes come off the left or right side of your personnel who may be applying labels? This might affect how the rolls are facing once labels are printed, so be sure you ask if the company can accommodate the unwind direction you need for your labels.

3. Ask about color matching and variations

If your labels need to match the colors of your logo or trademark or you need any type of special coloring for any reason, always ask if they can support this rather than assume a digital printing company can provide any color for your labels. Very often they will have a certain number of base colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and then will mix these to come up with hundreds of other shades and tones. However, this doesn't mean they can exactly match your color needs. Ask if they can scan a template or other piece with the color and match it exactly, or note your options for shades and colors that are at least similar to what you require so you know what to expect.

For more information about your options for digital labels, contact a local printing service. 


25 April 2016

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