Features To Consider When Buying New Duplication Equipment


Duplication equipment is a staple for the optimum running of most businesses. However, if you are still using an outdated printer that you purchased years ago, you may want to consider upgrading your equipment. Advancements in technology have made these types of office equipment multi-functional, which would work to enhance the overall productivity of your office. Nevertheless, opting to upgrade your duplicating equipment is not about buying the first flashy model that you come across. It is prudent to know what different features are available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what features would work best for your employees' needs. The following are some of the features to consider when buying duplication equipment.

Consider its mono printing feature

This is one of the most basic features to look for when opting for duplication equipment. Mono printing refers to the number of black and white pages that the equipment can churn out per minute. The higher your office demands, the higher the PPM (pages per minute) rating you should consider.

Consider its colour-printing feature

This feature is similar to the mono printing feature with the main difference being this is in colour. One thing to note about the colour-printing feature is that it could also be quantified by IPM, which refers to the Images per Minute that can be printed.

Consider the printing resolution

The print resolution refers to how clear your documents and images will be. The printing resolution is typically measures using DPI, which refers to Dots per Minute. If you run a business that deals with a lot of imagery in its documents, then you should always select duplication equipment with high DPI. This will ensure that all your documents are sharp.

Consider a touch screen on the duplication equipment

In past years, to get a preview of what you are printing, you would have to check from the computer you are printing from. If you would like to make the printing and duplication process more convenient, opt for equipment that comes with a touch screen installed. This allows you to get a preview of documents and photos right from the printer. It also enables you to make adjustments to the settings right from the printer, rather than having to make minor edits on the image or document from the computer.

Consider internal storage in the duplication equipment

Some models of duplication equipment now come with inbuilt and removable storage. This makes it easy for you to access your documents and images stored on memory cards, rather than having to exclusively view them from a computer.


31 May 2016

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