How to Use Your Cardboard Packaging as a Brand Identity Tool


The primary function of cardboard cartons is to serve as a type of casing for your products, whether for retail or postal purposes. However, that doesn't mean your packaging can't have other uses too. In fact, you can use your boxes as a way to communicate your brand identity to customers. Here are 2 ways to use your next run of cartons as a branding tool.

Show You're Eco-Friendly

A study conducted in the US in 2013 found that 71% of consumers make buying decisions based in part on environmental friendliness. By presenting yourself as an eco-conscious and "green" brand, you remove another obstacle that could prevent potential buyers from making a purchase. Make it known to everyone who visits your online or retail store that you're passionate about using cardboard packaging, which is biodegradable, rather than harmful plastic cartons. You can go one step further by asking your carton manufacturer about boxes made from recycled materials. All in all, you'll make your customers feel like they're doing a good thing for the planet when buying from you, and this could lead them to return in the future.

Get More Fans & Followers

Social following can make or break a business -- especially a business which exists primarily online. If you can cultivate a large amount of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your platform of choice, you'll always have a group of passionate fans who you can market to for free. Social media is also the ideal way to communicate with your customers, get feedback and improve your service. Unfortunately, growing this social fan base is often harder than expected. For example, you could lead people from your online store to your social media sites, but this may distract them from buying. If you're looking for a good way to get people on your social pages without affecting your conversions, why not get your cardboard cartons printed with your social media usernames or links? This way, you're reaching everyone who buys from you without disrupting the purchasing process. You'll also know that a large percentage of your followers will be actual customers rather than window shoppers. If you're taking the box printing route, try to make your packaging as attractive as possible. Many people like to share photos online to show people what they've bought. If your cardboard cartons are picture-worthy, you'll get your social media accounts in front of more eyes.


27 June 2016

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