Tips for Buying Carbonless Forms for Your Business


If you need to be able to write out receipts or other documents with ease, and if you need multiple copies at once — such as if you want to be able to keep one copy for your company's records and give one copy to your customers — then you might be interested in buying carbonless forms. Of course, when you start looking at carbonless books, or when you think about ordering a custom carbonless book from a printing company, you will typically have a variety of options to choose from. These tips can help you out a lot when you are buying carbonless forms for your business.

Choose the Right Number of Copies

First of all, when purchasing carbonless books, you can choose how many copies you want each document to have. Many people are happy having just one duplicate, so they order a book that includes two copies of each form or document. However, you can also look at books that have three, four, or even more copies of each document. Think about how many copies you will need and choose a book that offers the right number of copies for you.

Order Custom Forms That Suit Your Needs

Consider ordering your carbonless form book from a company that will make custom forms based on your specifications. For one thing, you can have your logo put on all of your forms, which might be something that you will want to do for branding purposes and to ensure that your documents are easy to identify. You can also determine which fields you want to have on your form and more. This is a good way to make sure that your forms fully support you and your company's needs.

Look for a Book With a Strong, Padded Cardboard Back

If possible, consider looking for a carbonless book of forms that has a nice, strong, padded cardboard back. This can make it much easier for you to fill out the forms, especially if you work in an industry in which you will need to take your carbonless book with you while you're working off-site since you might not always have a hard writing surface to work on.

Choose a Book With a Wraparound Cover

Lastly, consider choosing a carbonless form book that has a wraparound cover. Then, you can move the cover and place it in-between sets of forms that you are filling out; this can help with preventing bleed-through and can provide an even better surface for writing.

For more information about carbonless forms, contact a local supplier, like Labelpress Printing Services Pty Ltd.


28 May 2021

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